Friday, April 9, 2010

Who Stole Dhoni's Phone?

In an interesting turn of events, Angad Bedi has been charged with stealing CSK's captain Mahinder Singh Dhoni's phone. He was found taking interviews on his new phone. According to reports Angad had to resort to phone interviews as people complained about his sheepish grin which accompanied his stupid questions. The phone grabbed the attention only when Mr. Bedi started mouthing features of the phone just like Dhoni. It is to be noted that Angad is paying out of his pocket to be on the show and how is he able to afford such a phone raised eyebrows of CSK and SET Max owners.

Sources close to Angad told that it is a conspiracy to defame the rising star. "He is the next Mandira", quipped one of Angad's friend. It is been said that the above mentioned phone was thrown at Angad  by Parthiv Patel when he approached him for an interview. Parthiv has earlier been accused of throwing a mike at Arnab Goswami and throwing a glass of water on Sagarika Ghose. Parthiv commented that all these were acts of self defense

On being questioned, Angad's close friend, Lakshman Shiv Ramakrishnan responded "Do you know how demeaning his job is? He has to interview failed stars, fat owners and even Jazzy B, and poor boy can't call somebody for help as he can't even afford a phone"
LSR added, "Along with doing interviews of "stars", poor guy also has to give facial to Samir Kochhar every half an hour and has to trim Arun Lal's facial hair every two days. The day he refused to shave Gaurav Kapur was the day when he was charged with theft." It was later found out the LSR has a habit of referring to himself in third person.

DD captain, known for his frank opinions commented, "Why is Dhoni so upset about losing a phone, he can buy a new one just from the income of one strategic timeout?". He chose not to comment on why he shares his mobile phone with Sehwag inspite of earning half as much as Dhoni.

Meanwhile India TV has backtracked its breaking news "Kya Dhoni ka mobile Adrashya ho jata hai" and replaced it with, "Hogaya Pardafash, Chor Nacha Maidan Me". A file photo of Angad with Jazzy B was shown every 3rd minute to confirm the story.

In another development, Celina Jaitely has welcomed how this IPL has stood up for the gay rights. She pointed out the Karbonn Kamal ad where two leading cricketers share one mobile phone. She said that it is very deep and symbolic. She also pointed out to the Nivea Men ad where Shahid says "Main roz din me ek minute Nivea Men lagata hu". She said although the ad is too much in your face but still every small step counts, even if it lasts only for one minute. She categorically denied commenting about L.Shivramakrishnan's thighs and asked us to contact Danny Morrsion for further input. She also said how the blimp was symbolic to something but nothing could be heard as people ran for cover seeing Shivamani enter the stadium.


  1. Mast hain dubey, MRF waalon ki bhee lo thodi si, unhone pain macha ke rakh diya hain.

  2. @Nitish Blimp has been covered thoroughly on Twitter. I hate that floating piece of shit. Sometimes I feel that if the blimp was to be replaced by a floating live Vijay Mallaya then nothing would have changed except the sky would have glittered more and the earth would have been lighter