Friday, September 4, 2009

Dalaal: A Mithun-Da Classic

I could never watch this gem of a movie when it was released in 1993. My dad though watched it and I was told that its NOT a movie for kids. After 16 years, now I got chance to visit the earlier forbidden territory and man it was fun.

This is not a regular Mithunda D-grade cinema. It did fairly good business, mostly thanks to the amazingly erotic Gutar Gutar song. The basic premise of the movie is fairly simple. A village bumble, Bhola unknowingly works as a pimp for Jagan (Raj Babbar). His job: To pimp the girl he loves, Roopali. Here the story gets interesting, I thought that Roopali was a pro, but in the end it of the movie it was revealed that she was a virgin (with a price tag of cool 1 million). Now I understand when she was unsupportive of her client (who else but Shakti kapoor), it was not just unprofessionalism.

Story also has a very teen looking Ravi Behal, who is in love with Mithun's sister (whose future in all his movies is same, attempted rape). Infact even Shakti Kapoor, Ravi Behal's father, also tries to rape her but a second later tells her bahu main tumhari raksha karunga. Do hormones act these crazy?

Its not the story that is brilliant, there are very small nuggets that you will remember for your life. Where on the earth would you find Mithun dressed as Subhash Ghai to impress his girl?

While Mithunda was in this get up, he was being chased by traffic cops who wore Navy uniform!! That was innovative!
Also I found out that when producers don't have much budget, they tend to pass their personal cordless phones as police wireless!!
Like the most of late eighties-early nineties movies this movie also informs us that villagers all over India have a lingo which is a simplistic combo of U.P and Bihari lingo. It doesnt matter whether that village was an hour distance from Mumbai, if its a village, it has to have "that" lingo. However if the heroine is from a village, then depending upon her acting credentials, she might or might not speak in the same way as the rest of the villagers. A comcept very well used in this movie.

This movie has it all: A mother who hands gun to her son to kill his characterless father, A timid farmer whose son has gone to city and daughter is kidnapped by goons, A sister who is 16 years old (but looks just about 3 years younger than her mother), A villain who is too strong for 98% of the movie but gives up just at the end. There are too many things to point out. It has everything that was seen in past 2 decades.
For past 16 years I have been thinking that this movie had nudity or some explicit scenes, but like all childhood dreams, this also turned out to be just a dream. Nudity or no nudity, this movie is a must watch if you love to see cliche melodrama.